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Improving Real Estate Acumen With Predictive Analytics 

What We Offer

More impact, less risk.

Using combined technical skills in finance, real estate and data science, Dig provides data driven insights to control risk and enhance value.  By working with us investors can utilise predictive analytics to enable effective real estate investment decisions.

Our Expertise 

 Using data science and real estate finance expertise, Dig helps secure financial performance from built assets.

About Us

We are a small independent firm which specialises solely in one thing, enabling effective real estate decisions.  

Originally established to advise on fiscal incentives for real estate investment, we have grown our service over the years and now offer comprehensive financial advice to funders, investors, developers and businesses incurring costs on property associated with their trade.  We help our clients plan and execute their real estate investments in a way that reduces risk, improves returns and enables accurate financial reporting. Making use of data science, real estate and finance expertise to achieve this aim. 

Our mix of skills sets us apart from other consultancies and allows us to add measurable value. 



To empower effective and timely real estate investment decisions.


To be the firm of choice for clients who want a data driven approach to property investment.


As a small firm focused on one thing, our core values are independence and technical excellence.

Why us? – Because our experience, expertise and focus gets results.



Postgraduate finance qualifications from leading business schools.


Expertise in data science and machine learning.


Real Estate professionals and members of the RICS.


Expert knowledge of fiscal incentives for real estate investment.


Dig enjoys close working partnerships with some of the UK and Ireland’s leading accountancy practices and regularly work together to combine our skills and expertise in order to add value to clients. 

We do this through joint consulting assignments aimed at improving financial performance of real estate assets and by assisting with expert analysis of property expenditures for tax and audit purposes.  

By sharing expertise we achieve better results for clients.

Case Studies

Mixed development

Dig was appointed to assist a regional developer with the development strategy for a mixed scheme comprising retail , leisure and residential. Using machine learning we were able to identify potential problems due to changing market demographics early on enabling the initial plan to be altered in order to maximise value.  

Hotel chain

Dig was chosen to assist a UK hotel chain with improving its ability to plan and report real estate financial performance. Our work enable the group to plan when and where new hotels should be opened, which premises should be redeveloped and better understand lifecycle costs for the groups built assets. 

Luxury retailer

Dig was appointed by a luxury retailer to review their planned capital expenditures to ensure that data was being captured in a way that would allow effective financial reporting. Following our review the business obtained a considerable tax refund and can now forecast future capex costs net of tax with accuracy. 

Derelict office

Having been asked to consider a clients portfolio to assist them with creating a plan to redevelop assets in order to improve their financial performance. Dig undertook a detailed data analytics exercise that identified needs that were not being met in the area. This enabled a robust business case that was successfully executed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you advise in the UK only?

Most of our work is UK or Ireland based however we also advise in other jurisdictions subject to having sufficient access to data.

Do you charge for initial meetings?

Our inital meetings are always free of charge as they are as useful to us as they are to any propsect client. We want to assess if we can assist and if so how best to do so.

Is Dig a large firm?

We are a small firm and intend to remain so. Being small enables us to better control quality and serve clients needs. We do work however with very large clients, including global investment funds, listed companies, private investors as well as successful owner managed businesses.

Does Dig manage development projects?

Though we are real estate professionals by background our core skills are in finance and data science. Therefore, while we remain available to our clients during project execution we readily admit there are better firms of project managers. We stick to what we are good at. 

What programming languages to you use?

Typically we carry out data analytics using Python but we also use R when required to support more statistical based models.  

How will data be reported?

We believe data visualisation is an import aspect of any analytics exercise and therefore we work with our clients to create data dashboards that enable clear and simple understandings to be drawn from large and/or complex data sets.  

Will the effect of taxation be considered?

Yes, as part of any financial analytics exercise we will predict and incorporate the effects of taxation.  The effect of taxation can be material to the investment decision. 

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